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Panel Upgrading – Supply, Repair & Installation

Panel wiring
Completed Upgraded panel to 200 amps
Panel Upgrade- East Vancouver
Electrician Preparing for grounding.
Panel Upgrade Richmond
Panel Upgrade- 200 amps.
Panel Upgrade- Richmond
Panel Installation.
Upgrade to 200amps- Coquitlam.
Panel Upgrade-100-200amps

JZ Electric Electrical apprentice establishing a grounding system for a home in North Vancouver.

Panel Upgrade East Vancouver

Code requirement clearances for balconies and windows dictate where we place our Electrical systems. This will be determined on the mandatory site visits.

316 Union Street
West Vancouver

Panel Upgrade 100-200 amps- East Vancouver, BC.

District of North Vancouver

JZ Electric Ltd is responsible for Upgrading Panels and removing old ones for recycling.

Meter base
316 Union Street
200 amp Panel

JZ Electric Ltd uses 40/80 Eaton Panels. The dimensions are 39" X 15" X4" ( L x W x D).

District of North Vancouver
200amp- Overhead Service
Panel Upgrade- Vancouver
Panel replacement
Panel Upgrade- District of North Vancouver.

200amps meter base installed by a JZ Electric Technician. Passed inspection and ready for BC Hydro to reconnect power.

Meter base Installation
electrical service upgrade Burnaby

Restaurant panel upgrade from 60-100amps in Burnaby.

overhead residential service in Vancouver

BC Hydro requires that overhead service must be located on the corner of a house within 1 m, and in direct line of sight from the BC Hydro pole.

replace fuses with breakers

Removal of old hardware/fuses and installation of approved retrofit that will house breakers in West Vancouver.

upgrading service panel Vancouver

Service panel upgrade from 100 amps to 200 amps in East Vancouver.

service panel upgrade Port Moody

Service panel upgrade from 100amps to 200 amps in Port Moody.

upgrading service panel Vancouver

New meter base for a 200 amp panel in Vancouver.

service panel upgrade meter base
Panel 200 amp panel upgrade Vancouver

Installing a 200 amp panel with overhead service connection in Vancouver.

Vancouver residential electrical panel upgrade

We have to make the installation within a meter from the corner of the home on the wall facing the BC Hydro pole. Clearly the home design here left us little space.

Vancouver service panel upgrade
electrical service panel

Panel Upgrade from 100amps to 200 amps.

breaker panel West Vancouver

We update fuse boxes to breaker panels—complete and labelled.

Electrical distribution upgrade

Electrical distribution upgrade.

TX wiring

TX wiring

electrical panel work

Electrical assessment by a certified FSR.

Electrical distribution Langley
200 Amp meter base
Main distribution

Additions to main distribution.

main distribution
Electrical Distribution
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